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San Francisco
Every Mon at Brewcade SF!
Come play and drink with us at Brewcade! We play a whole bunch of different games, and have prizes (usually a drink!) for people that win individual rounds and a grand prize for the winner of then night! Check our Facebook page for more details on which games we'll be playing next!
First and third Weds at Beer Nerds!
Beer Nerds
It's indie game night at Beer Nerds! We try and grab some indie games that not a lot of people have played before and make all of you play them - the reward? Free pizza (while supplies last) as well as a beer (or cider) for the winner of every round! The winner of the night gets a full pour from any of the beers on tap (or in the fridge).
Fri, or Sat once a month at Piano Fight!
Drunkathalon at Piano Fight SF. This is the biggest event the Super Trashed Bros do, and by far the craziest in SF. Get ready to compete with a whole bunch of people for $100 cash!. We surprise everyone each month with a new collection of surprise indie games. Each team fights it out in 3 round of games the winners of those rounds go on to a final game to win $100!
Teams that dress up, cheer the most, or do something awesome get extra credit!
Check our facebook page for the next Drunkathalon date! (usually towards the end of the month)
New York
Weds, once at month at Dromedary Bar!
Dromedary Bar
Come play and drink with us at Dromedary Bar! This is a Super Smashed Bros tournament like none other. For this one, we have the original (Ja)Rules: Die? Take a drink. Kill yourself? Take 2 drinks. Die from a final smash? Take 3 drinks.
The winner of the night gets a bar tab to buy something, courtesy of Dromedary Bar!
Check out our Facebook page to see which Wednesday we'll be playing.